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Pre-orders will be processed on the 5th and 20th of each month. Pre-orders are a non-refundable item. Unless stated otherwise everything is in Japanese.

Each normal-sized doujin ( JIS B5 ) will be placed in a plastic sleeve with a cardboard backer.

Tankoubons are books typically around 200 pages in length but can be as low as 100 pages. Generally these are either a collection of short stories or one long story.

Magazines are generally around 200-300 pages but sometimes more. These are heavily bound with middle staples to hold them together. Being that they are off the newsstands, it's very common to have torn corners near the bindings.

OppaiLand will not be held responsible for any damaged goods in shipping, lost/stolen goods will be handle on a case by case basis. 

Generally doujins will be mailed in a 11x8.5 with cardboard inserts to help protect them.

Orders normally ship between 2-4 weeks